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Tips to Make Your Space Feel Larger
October 30, 2019

Tips to Make Your Space Feel Larger

Growing pains often approach with the holiday season. If you watch any home design shows, you may have heard some of these fun facts for making spaces feel larger. If you’re ready for a larger space, but not ready to buy or build your dream home, try making your home feel more spacious with these design techniques.

Focus Upward

Painting the ceiling or adding a wallpaper will draw a person’s eye upward, making the room look taller. Another idea that helps with decluttering and the overall idea of a room looking larger is to build shelves vertically to open a space and provide additional storage. The last tip in this upward approach is to set curtains a bit wider and above the windows. This allows the eye to be drawn up but also makes the window appear wider. If you love natural light, consider ditching the curtain altogether to add depth to a room.

Use Light Colors

Lighter colored walls and flooring will reflect light and make a room feel airy. In addition to using light colors, using different shades of the same color helps to make a room look grouped together and intentional. An added bonus comes in the use of stripes to add length to a room. So, whether it’s a rug or an accent wall, here’s your chance to add something unique to your space.


There’s two ways furniture can impact your room in a big way. First, do not put it against the wall. By leaving some space between the wall and your piece of furniture creates the idea of spaciousness. Next, use less furniture. Focus on a larger piece over multiple smaller pieces and use your furniture as storage to save space and keep things less cluttered.


Of course, you’ve heard to add mirrors in a room to make it appear larger. But have you heard not to decorate with items smaller than a cantaloupe? Anything smaller than a cantaloupe often looks like clutter instead of art. Avoid having too many statement pieces or anything too small. If you’ve been looking at a giant canvas and holding back because your room feels too small, consider adding it. Large pieces of art can often make a room feel expansive.

Most importantly, make it your own.

You may be itching to get into a larger space but make the one you are in a place that you enjoy. Use different types of décor and furniture. Couches and chairs can be replaced with beanbags, pillows and hammocks. Don’t let the size of your space keep you from loving your place while you work toward getting the home of your dreams. Let us help. P&D Builders can not only help you build your dream home but we offer expert advice for many other services, including building on your lot and interior design to name a few.

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