P&D Builders' High-Performance Building: The Integrated Weather Resistant Barrier
March 2, 2024

P&D Builders' High-Performance Building: The Integrated Weather Resistant Barrier

Choosing the right building materials can make all the difference between a standard build project and a luxury custom home. At P&D Builders, we've always strived to elevate building standards, which is why we use an Integrated Weather Resistant Barrier, like Zip System, in every one of our Central Ohio custom builds.

To understand why an Integrated Weather Resistant Barrier is important, we must highlight that we build our homes in the Columbus Ohio environment. Every season brings up challenges, such as winter snow, spring rain, summer heat, and fall winds. The weather barrier also acts as structural support and compliments the rigidity of our 2x6 wall construction (which is also standard in EVERY P&D home).

We also believe that educating our clients is extremely important, and understanding the level of materials being installed within their home. That said, what other options do you have for sheathing? Oftentimes, a builder will cut corners and install lower-quality products, like OxBoard’s ThermoPly and Tyvek. You can usually identify ThermoPly by its shiny foil-like exterior, and Tyvek by its tarp-like installation (often found blowing off the home). We have found that these products often fell short in terms of durability, efficiency, and overall performance. Leaks, air infiltration, and moisture damage were common issues that plagued projects using these inferior products, leading to client dissatisfaction.

How is P&D different from your typical home builder?

Behind every P&D build, you will find an Integrated Weather Resistant Barrier, like Zip System. Zip System’s air and water barrier is the top-of-the-line product that performs best in Central Ohio’s varying weather conditions. When choosing a luxury home builder, prioritizing not only the interior quality but also the quality of structural building materials, shows that your builder is prioritizing your best interest.

Our clients benefit from the superior quality, durability, and energy efficiency of our luxury custom homes. With an integrated weather barrier behind their walls, we can deliver a high-quality energy efficient home that not only looks amazing, but performs amazing. Keep an eye out for our green Zip System sheathing around Central Ohio!

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