Four Products To Keep Your Home Germ-Free
May 4, 2020

Four Products To Keep Your Home Germ-Free

Keeping your family healthy while staying home is a top priority, but it is no easy task.  Disinfecting and cleaning is a never-ending chore than requires effort and time.  We have put together a list of products that can make cleaning easier and more effective. 

#1 - Moen Pull-Down Touch-less Faucet

As the heart of every home, the kitchen is a high-traffic area that can seem like a catch-all for germs. Although you can wash your dishes and hands at the kitchen sink, we often forget about the cleanliness of the faucet and faucet handle.  Every piece of raw meat, door handle, and everything else you touch ends up on the handle when you go to turn it on, wash your hands, and then go to turn it off.  However, upgrading to a "hands-free" faucet can provide a cleaner environment in your kitchen. There are many options on the market, including a touch-enabled faucet that can be turned on with the bump of an elbow, or the touch-free option that can be turned on with the wave of a hand.  Some faucets even have Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant capabilities! Pair a faucet like this with a touch-free soap dispenser and you can minimize cleaning and kick germs to the curb. We often install touch-free faucets in our kitchens and they provide great aesthetics & functionality!

#2- Arm & Hammer Carpet & Room - Extra Strength Odor Eliminator

Although this product is simple and inexpensive, it is effective! Deep clean your carpet and tackle the toughest of odors by using Arm & Hammer's Vacuum Booster. This simple step can help eliminate harsh odors and help freshen up your home. Sprinkle this product on your carpet, let it sit, and then vacuum it up. Carpet can trap dirt and debris, but using this cost-effect product (which can be found for under $2) can release dirt and help make cleaning easier.

#3- Broan® SurfaceShield™ Powered Exhaust Fan w/ LED Light - Anti-bacterial Bath Fan

Yeah, you read that right - prevent mold and fungi growth with the flip of a switch. Upgrade your bathroom with this anti-bacterial bath fan from Broan-Nutone.  SurfaceShield™ technology combined with Broan’s powerful ventilation is an effective one, two punch against bacteria, mold, and fungi growing within your room. This bath fan is super-quiet, has two light options, and consistent usage costs less than $4 a year.  When you aren’t using the room, turn on SurfaceShield™ continuous microbial mode for uninterrupted cleaning plus a beautiful violet hue. When you are in the bathroom, the bath fan functions as a normal light fixture. This fan can be installed in new construction or a pre-existing home.

#4- Vacuum/Mop Robot

Roomba® Robot Vacuum Cleaners | iRobot

Prevent dust, dirt, and debris from being kicked up and going airborne by trapping them.  Use a vacuum robot or mop robot (like the iRobot - Braava Jet Robot Mop).  This effortless product can tackle a time-consuming chore and effectively clean hard-surface floors. Keeping your floors clean and free of dirt reduces allergens and dust mites. Flooring, especially carpet, is like a large filter.  It traps dust mites and particles that can cause stress for those with asthma and allergies.

These products can help provide you with a cleaner home, especially #1 and #3.  If you want to learn more about the tips and tricks we implement into our homes, visit our contact us page to reach out!

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