How to Improve Your Home's Energy Efficiency
December 11, 2019

How to Improve Your Home's Energy Efficiency

P&D Builders prides ourselves in building energy efficient homes.  Our energy efficient homes consistency produce the lowest HERS scores in the industry.  The Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index is the industry standard by which a home’s energy efficiency is measured. The 2018 average standard new home has a HERS score of 100, while P&D’s 2018 average new home HERS score was 53!  If you’re looking to improve your already existing home’s energy efficiency, try some of these energy saving tips.


Make sure your attic and walls are properly insulated. Proper insulation slows the rate that heat flows out of the house in winter or into the house in summer requiring less energy to heat or cool the home. If your house has no wall insulation and conventional stud walls, blown-in insulation can greatly improve your comfort and save enough energy. If your attic is unfinished, it often pays to have it insulated. Be sure to have your insulation properly installed as that is what makes the difference.


If you were planning on replacing windows for any reason other than energy savings, go ahead. Choose a window with EnergyStar ratings. However, if you are not planning on replacing windows, try boosting the efficiency with weather stripping and making sure single glazed windows have storm windows.

Furnace and Water Heater

If you are not using an energy efficient furnace, your furnace could be wasting up to 35% of fuel it uses. If your furnace is nearing the end of its service life, consider replacing it with a condensing furnace.

If your hot water heater is functioning properly, don’t replace it either. Start by turning the temperature to the warm setting. Then insulate the pipes so they don’t cool off as fast between uses.

Utilize Tax Programs to Update

Federal tax incentives are available for energy efficiency upgrades to existing homes. Improvements may include improvements such as windows or insulation and heating/air-conditioning upgrades, as well as renewable energy features.

If you have a home built by P&D Builders, you can be assured that your home was built with energy efficiency in mind. If you are looking to stay in your home and make improvements, contact P&D Builders to see what we can do to help your process.

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