Homeowner Tips

Keep your home looking beautiful

It is no secret that P&D Builders creates beautiful homes that withstand the test of time. Keep your home looking it's best by following some of our "best practices" listed below.

  • Clean Out Your Gutters

    Leaves can clog up gutters and disrupt the management of rain water and melting snow. If your home is within range of falling leaves, take time each year to clean out your gutters.  If you do not have the capability to safely clean them yourself, consider hiring a professional to clean out your gutters.

  • HVAC Systems

    Keep a schedule to replace your HVAC filter.  While your HVAC filter will remove dust and other gunk from the air, it will not last forever.  Regularly replace the filter to maintain your home's air quality.

    In addition, monitor your home's humidity level. As cold weather arrives and you begin to use your furnace, the hot air produced from this machine will dry out the air. Maintaining a healthy humidity level will help keep woodwork, paint, and trim from cracking.

  • Give Your Exterior a Bath!

    Dust and dirt from the air can settle on your house over time.   Wash your windows and spray down siding with a garden hose to keep everything clean. You will be surprised how much fresh light a clean window can let in! In addition, use this time to check areas where birds nests or bee hives may be growing.

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